Why choose Capital Cranes for Crane hire in Canberra

When your worksite in Canberra needs to hire a crane, the project doesn’t have an unlimited budget and you must find a reputable crane hire company that will deliver in a timely fashion and will ensure your worksite construction operates safely and efficiently. That’s why you need to choose Capital Cranes for Crane hire in Canberra and make the safe choice!

A good crane hire services provider assess the requirements of the job and provide reliable advice regarding selection of cranes and accessories. Best practice as a crane hire services provider  is to ensure that technical support and customer services are available whenever required. Your crane hire service should be able to provide fast support when needed and solve issues immediately. These services may include professional guidance regarding load handling and site management issues and practical support services where required.

As the best crane hire company in Canberra, we can solve problems before they happen, and provide useful tips regarding best practice onsite solutions for any job. Our expertise includes workplace safety, operational guidance and all-round expertise in using cranes in different workplace environments.

There are weights, sizes and lifting capacities for all types of mobile cranes. This process can be complex, so we’ve made it easier for you by providing tips to hiring the right mobile crane
company in Canberra.

We’ll show you how to get the best value and how you can save yourself time and money before hiring a crane.



Work with a crane hire company in Canberra that is covered by a reputable insurance company.

You will need to take care of your liability insurance as well as in-plant insurance before opting for crane hire in Canberra. This is because in most of the cases the hirer will be
responsible for the crane as soon as the vehicle leaves the nearest public highway. You must have insurance to cover any damage or loss because of the equipment, plant, third parties, and crane operator. Always carefully review the crane hire contract to know what you are liable for and what falls under the responsibility of the crane owner.



It is important to consider the budget you have set and how much is required to afford the crane and professionals needed for the operation. As the best crane hire company in Canberra deliver upfront quotes during the consultation process. Quotes should provide clearly defined dollar values, including all services and things like crane accessories.

At both the consultation stage and in terms of operational needs, crane hire services can deliver expert help with cost management. A crane can deliver excellent values onsite,
speeding up work, improving handling, and helping to manage deadlines.

The company must guide you towards the best that you deserve within your budget and should not push you towards services that are useless for you but profitable for them.


Large range of Cranes available for hire in Canberra

Cranes come in different types and sizes – tower cranes, mini crawler cranes, self-erecting cranes and many more. A reputable crane hire company will provide you with the latest
model of crane as well as brand that with a good reputation. Crane experts from the Capital Cranes Canberra team can also give you advice on customisation for increased versatility of the crane
to better accommodate your specifications or project needs.

Capital Cranes Canberra will happily provide you with a detailed list of options available to you, and even point you in the right direction in what is required for the job. Engaging in crane hire
companies that manage the entire lift for you will ensure that no detail is overlooked when engaging in a crane hire service.


Taking care of the paperwork

There may be reams of paper and red tape to be buried under when dealing with safety and the lawful contracting of heavy equipment. A reputable business will escort you through the
process, highlighting certain passages in the documentation. This includes safety guidelines, the signing of insurance documentation, and the overall supervision of the rental policy.


Crane Safety and Maintenance program

Cranes tower above buildings and lift high-tonnage loads, meaning they have to be kept in good working order at all times. There are checks that ensure the crane is capable of carrying
its stated load. Certain inspections are mandatory. They ensure the crane is in compliance with industry regulations. Other inspections are governed by the staff, set in place to keep the
fleet clean and ready for work.

Capital Cranes supports CraneSafe (a division of the Crane Industry Council of Australia), a thorough, in-house, industry approved inspection program and all of our machinery is fully
insured, making the option for cranes for hire in Canberra safe, reliable and up to standard. Our mobile cranes are regularly serviced and fully insured.

You aren’t just hiring a crane, you’re hiring trained specialists that are responsible for the operation of the crane and this is exactly why experience is essential when it comes to finding
the right mobile crane hire company.

We have a proven track record of safety and are the only company in Canberra conducting random drug & alcohol testing to ensure all employees are fit for work. We are committed to
ensuring our vehicles are safe for your job site and are approved under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our experienced employees eliminate foreseeable hazards that could
result in personal injury, allowing you to focus on the work at hand.


Information to have before you hire a Crane 

The weight and physical dimension of the item(s) being lifted. That helps us determine the rigging specifications and size of crane needed.

Any obstructions the item will be lifted over such as trees, buildings, power lines, etc. Know the distance (or “radius”) from the crane the item is being lifted or placed.

Crane lift and set elevations.

We need to know the elevations the object will be lifted from and of the surface upon which it will be placed. For example, an object may be lifted from an 18-wheeler trailer bed and set
on top of a four-story building, or vice-versa.

Crane access restrictions.
If the lift site is in a construction area, we need to know whether matting will be installed to enable our rigs to get to it, or for the crane itself to sit on.

Project location.

Since permitting is required based on the distance we have to travel, it is necessary to know the project location.

Most companies will charge you by the hour; therefore, you should ensure that everything is in place before you rent a crane. This aids in minimising the amount of time that you need the


Give Capital Cranes Canberra a call today on 6260 1120 and let the Canberra crane hire professionals sort out your worksite! This is why Capital Cranes hires out 24/7 so that you are always covered. Make the safe choice.