95T Liebherr All Terrain Cranes – LTM1095-5.1

Our new 95 tonne mobile crane (LTM1095-5.1) with 58 meters of main boom offers the longest telescopic boom in its class. The 95 tonne Liebherr has impressive ability to carry 15 tonne of counterweight on it’s self enables this crane to out lift 130t, 160t and 200t All-Terrain mobile cranes at radius unassisted by a counterweight truck saving you time and money. The 130t, 160t and 200t cranes require 1 truck of counterweight to lift as good or better than the 95t as they can only mobile with 6 tonne of counterweight.

It also works as a fully counterweighted 80 tonne crane with the counterweight it carries reducing the hourly price you would pay for an 80 tonne crane and counterweight truck. The 95 tonne Liebherr’s secret is the light boom, five axle carrier and 15 tonne counterweight it carries while still maintaining a 12 tonne per axle main roads rating for  Australian roads.

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Max. load capacity: 95T
Telescopic boom: 58m
Max. hoist height: 82m
Max. radius: 60m
Number of axles: 5
All Terrain: